Controversial a topic as it is, Refugees entering America face a lot of hardships. A group in Portland is stepping up to answer the issue.



This film explores the story of the HTC partner, Hands of Hope Zimbabwe through the lens of one of it’s most charismatic faces, Gari.


Regufee care collective

Refugee Care Collective exists to serve the huge population of refugees and IDP’s in the Kurdish region of Iraq.


Myanmar Pt. 1


Myanmar Pt. 2

Throughout its history, Myanmar (Burma) has seen a lot of social unrest, particularly around the topic of religion. These films explore the reality and hope of the persecuted church in Myanmar.



Through the story of a young man named Macdonald, we explore life in one of the homes of Hands of Hope Zimbabwe.


Tilapia Project

Hear The Cry focuses heavily on increasing the sustainability of their partners. In 2014, a group of people went on a journey around the world, building 7 tilapia farms in 7 countries in 7 months.

Video Gallery

Hear The Cry Stories

Hear The Cry is an international justice organization bringing compassion and justice into areas of brokenness around the world. Over the years, we have told many stories together about people bringing light and healing to their communities.